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Smith and Sons are a team of professional renovation builders who help clients improve their home to suit their lifestyle and future requirements, increase the value of their home, and feel safe and relaxed throughout the entire process by providing high quality renovations, from concept to completion - on time and to budget.

Not only that, but they are driven, exciting people, passionate about quality, about the Smith & Sons brand, customer service that goes above and beyond, and making your renovation an exceptional experience - not just a renovation!

They are dedicated to building a great business and helping those around them at the same time.


Turning Good Builders into Great Business People

Do you Fit The Model?

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Are you excited by a new opportunity to be the best renovation builder in your area?


Are you ready for a change and want to put down the tools and own, operate and manage a professional renovation company?

Team Player

Do you love the energy and combined knowledge that a great team environment will bring?

Business Minded

Want to service clients better, generate a larger income, and secure your future by buying an asset to sell?

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Life Balance

Do you want more quality time with your family and loved ones, plus the time and money to do things you want to do?

What We Are Looking For

Great Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

We know our strength as a company lies in the quality of our people! As a result, we focus on finding leaders and people that are able to communicate well with others. Interpersonal are a simple skill but a vital skill in our industry.

Hard Worker

The building industry is competitive so we need people that want to be the best and being the best requires hard work!

Great Attitude

Renovations can be complex and stressful so we look for people that are able to take the good out of the bad and make the best out of a tough situation!

Ability To Follow Smith & Sons Guidelines

We have invested countless hours and resources in order to deliver the best possible product to our clients. Our clients deserve the best so we look for people that are able to deliver the systems and process’s that we know work.

Franchising Q&A's

How long is the initial agreement?

We start all our Franchisees on an initial 5 year commitment but ideally we want our Franchise Partners to stick with us for the long haul. Potential franchise partners should be looking for a ten year commitment with Smith & Sons.

What support do you offer to Franchisees?

We have great support systems in place that will help with running your Smith & Sons location in your area. These include:

  • Tools to monitor sales
  • Ongoing training
  • Area meetings
  • Marketing Support
  • Face-to-face training workshops

In addition, all franchise partners receive ongoing support from their area support office, including area meeting, visits and regular communication with their support office, marketing and sales support.

What are the ongoing fees?

A percentage of total sales is payable. This ensures the provision of ongoing operational support and marketing of the Smith & Sons brand.

What is the initial investment and what does it cover?

As with any established brand, an initial investment is required to purchase the business, as the brand brings with it goodwill and a system for creating a substantial return on investment. The investment for a Smith & Sons Franchise can vary due to area size and other factors. Please contact us for more details.

Can I own a Smith & Sons Franchise with a partner?

Smith & Sons prides itself on family values and we encourage spouse and sibling franchise partnerships and will consider other partnership arrangements on an individual basis.

What software and systems are offered to Franchisees?

Smith & Sons franchisees have access to an easy to use, web based construction software that includes quoting, estimating, graphic take-off, scheduling and job management functionality. The software is very quick to learn! We also have systems to ensure every aspect of the business is running efficiently including sales, construction paperwork & contracts, subcontractor management, office systems and procedures & much more!

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